Wilson & Jenna Scanlan Testimonial

To Matt and the rest of the Southwest Spray Foam Crew:

We are so grateful for the wonderful work you did for us!

You were an integral part of building our new home and repairing our old one.  On both jobs, you and your crew were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.  We especially appreciate the fact that you completed each job in a timely manner and kept our job sites exceptionally clean.

The roof on our new home is extremely complex.  It consists of 20 internal roof drains which capture 95% of the moisture that falls on our home and then collect it in a 15,000 gallon cistern.  The roof also includes ductingwhich had to be insulated and boxed in for our HRV units. In addition, our roof contains multiple skylights and various roof heights for a total of just under 6,000 square feet.  You and your team integrated all these complexities to allow the structure to drain flawlessly with a very clean and beautiful look.  Thanks to our beautiful foam roof and the batt insulation in the ceiling cavity, our new home earned an R-value of around 60, which helped us qualify for LEED Gold status and a HERS index of 22.

When our 1917 adobe home in South Capitol went under contract, the purchasers’ inspector gave us a bit over a month to fix the spray foam roof.  You and your talented crew were able to finish the job in less than a day, and ahead of schedule.

We appreciate your professionalism and conscientious work, and we’d highly recommend you a thousand times over!

With our gratitude,
Wilson & Jenna Scanlan