Who We Are


James “Aaron” Lewis (COO/Partner)

Aaron as most people know him, started his construction career right out of high school. He started his spray foam and roofing career in 1978 working for Spray Foam Pioneer Larry Wilson in Santa Fe NM. Aaron has seen several changes in the spray foam industry in his 40 years of application, but his approach is always the same. “Use the best suppliers, use the best equipment, and correct your mistakes.” Aaron has tested over 4 different formulations of Spray Foam over the years for the New Mexico region for different manufactures. In 2016 Aaron was the first to spray Honeywell’s® newest blowing agent Solstice® in the New Mexico region. Aaron is known in the industry as one of the most experience applicators in the country. Aaron completed the newly created SPFA master installer certification in 2016, and completed the field testing in 2017. Aaron often helps out other contractors to diagnose equipment issues, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to the spray foam community. When not overseeing operations for Southwest Spray Foam and Roofing, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife traveling in his motor home.

Matt Segura (CEO/Partner)

Matt is a third generation native of Santa Fe. After graduating from Capital High School in 1998 Matt studied business and marketing at the University of New Mexico. Matt graduated from UNM in 2003. While in college Matt worked in the construction field, and started Southwest Spray Foam and Roofing in 2007 with current partner Aaron Lewis. When not providing estimates and meeting with clients, Matt can be found continuing his education and knowledge of engineering and construction. Matt has been accepted into UNM’s graduate MCM-CMGT program in 2017. “I honestly never thought I would go back to school, but I felt I owed to myself, my team, and the industry to be at the forefront of knowledge and innovation. I can literally apply the principles of what I learn in class to Southwest Spray Foam and Roofing the next day.” Matt completed SPFA’s stringent Project Manager certification in 2016, the first to achieve this certification in New Mexico.

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Travis is a third generation native of Santa Fe. Travis Graduated from Santa Fe High School in 2009. After graduation Travis worked for Los Alamos National Labs, prior to re-locating to Las Cruces to work with L & P Materials. Travis worked as the fleet manager for L & P for four years, before moving back to Santa Fe in 2015. Travis was quickly recruited by Matt and Aaron and was hired as an estimator, providing estimates to contractors and home owners. Travis is certified as an insulation installer and roofing installer of spray foam systems by the SPFA. When not providing estimate around the State Travis enjoys restoration of classic vehicles and the outdoor life with his wife.

Debbie Sanchez (Office manager)

Debbie is a fourth Generation Native of Santa Fe. She was along side Aaron and Matt from the beginning, serving as the receptionist, and bookkeeper. Today, Debbie is a vital part of Southwest Spray Foam and roofing. She serves as the office manager, and over sees human resources department. She also works closely with the State CID permitting division and local building permit divisions across the state. When not in the office or chasing permits, Debbie enjoys time with her grandchildren.

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Jose "Chino" Mariscal - Application

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Clarence Gonzalez - REPAIR TECH

Miguel HernandeZ - PROJECT MANAGER