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Dear Matthew,

Now that the coldest winter in recent memory is easing up a bit I’m happy to say that the foam insulation your company applied to my roof and walls changed my winter experience from aversion to enjoyment. My house has either been very cold in the winter or overly hot in the summer. Granted the house was built in 1947, along time before energy efficiency was a household word but to discover that the floor joist, the roof and the exterior walls had no insulation was shocking. With the application of the foam to the roof and walls and fiberglass bats to the floor, the house now feels completely different. There’s a palpable sense of the heat being held at the desired temperature, no fluctuations up or down, no cold spots and no drafts.

I also want to say your crew was very professional, competent and left my premises looking as clean as possible.

Thank you!

Daniel Bruce