For a more comfortable, affordable, energy-efficient home, you’ll want to specify NCFI’s InsulStar® spray-in-place polyurethane insulation when you’re talking with your builder and architect. Why? Because InsulStar stops air flowing into your home – air that can carry pollen, dust, and pollutants; and it stops costly heating and cooling energy from flowing out with its closed-cell design.

In fact, you can save even more money on the cost of building your home because InsulStar’s high R-value allows designers to reduce the depth of your home’s exterior walls and still obtain high energy efficiency. This means more living space for you and a reduced amount of lumber needed for your home. How much less? Two trees less for a 2,500 square-foot home. You can use InsulStar spray foam insulation directly on the roof deck, harvesting previously wasted attic areas into valuable living space for very little cost, plus adding market value to your home.

By specifying NCFI’s InsulStar for your home’s spray foam insulation system, you’ll be designing and building a highly energy-efficient home and reducing energy demands for the life of your environmentally-friendly home. You’ll also have a healthier home for your family because InsulStar blocks air movement and has a low permience, which eliminates water condensation which scan support mold and mildew. Plus, InsulStar is blended with an anti-microbial, contributing to your home’s healthy environment.

How Does InsulStar Spray-in-Place Insulation Work?

InsulStar is a two-part liquid that is sprayed in place by specially trained and experienced GoldStar spray foam insulation contractors. InsulStar is formulated with an environmentally-friendly blowing agent that doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion. The liquid mixture expands quickly foaming up to fill all gaps and voids in your home’s exterior walls, ceilings, roofs floors or crawl spaces. It cures to form a fully adhered, solid, monolithic micro-cellular insulation envelope.

Where Can InsulStar Be Used?

InsulStar can conform to any shaped space, so your architect and builder can use it on every exterior surface of your home and between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. The design can be curved, angled or contoured to any shape space and still efficiently insulated and air sealed with InsulStar. By using InsulStar spray-in-place insulation, your home will be protected inside an environmental envelope that maximizes your home’s comfort and reduces your cost to enjoy that comfort.