Flat Roofs in Northern New Mexico

Co-Owner Matt Segura discusses the history and future of flat roofs in Northern New Mexico

Southwest Spray Foam and Roofing represents New Mexico at the 2018 Duro-last Roofing Competition

Fly Over Roofing Project in Quail Run

Southwest Spray Foam provides new roofing and insulation on 22 homes in beautiful Quail Run in Santa Fe, NM

Historic Manderfield School Gets a New Look

Southwest Spray Foam and Roofing helps provide much needed energy efficiency to historic John Gaw Meem Building.

Low Global Warming Potential Foam Used in Santa Fe, NM

Southwest Spray Foam and Roofing works with NCFI and Honeywell to test new low global warming foam in NM region. 

Steve Thomas Restoration

We’ve recently had the opportunity to complete a custom home restoration with Steve Thomas from This Old House. The videos below are a breakdown of that project and all that was entailed. For more detailed information please visit our Featured Projects page.

EnduraRock System - Foam Roof Install

InsulStar System - Exterior Foam Install

InsulBloc System - Interior Foam Install

Roofing & Solar Retrofit

Southwest Spray Foam & Positive Energy Solar work together to provide new single-ply roofing and solar energy system to 15 year old home in Santa Fe, NM.  Aaron Lewis and Matt Segura discuss several components of single-ply roofing

Duro-Last PVC Prefabricated Roofing System Install

Canales - Duro-Last PVC Prefab Install

Heat Absorbtion & Reflection - Duro-Last PVC Prefab Install

Parapets - Duro-Last PVC Prefab Install

Parapet Coping - Duro-Last PVC Prefab Install

Penetrations - Duro-Last PVC Prefab Install

WRAP UP / OVERVIEW: Duro-Last PVC Prefab Install