Official Spray Foam Insulation Specialist for the Santa Fe Brewing Company

A match made in cold beer heaven? We’d like to believe so. Southwest Spray Foam has recently teamed up with Santa Fe Brewing Company as their official Spray Foam Insulation Specialists. And we promise to diligently work hard to keep your favorite Santa Fe brewery cold and well insulated during it’s brewing process. Because there’s nothing better than an ice cold beer to break the hot sun.

About the Insulation

Understanding the importance of the brewing process and how it relates to ambient temperatures, we used 2.0 lb closed cell polyurethane foam insulation with an r-value of 6.8/inch which helps keep the product at the perfect temp. During the hotter months of the year it’s imperative to keep things cool during the brewing process. Our insulation give the Santa Fe Brewing Company the control they need to monitor and adjust the temperatures throughout their facility.

So next time you crack open an ice cold Santa Fe Pale remember your friends, Southwest Spray Foam.