Avoid the “Re-Coat Rip-Off”


12 year old SPF roof with poorly applied UV coating. Multiple leaks, trapped moisture, and saturated foam.


Southwest Spray Foam was contacted to remove saturated foam and install new spf roof using gravel as UV protection.


Spray foam roofing (spf) has become a very common roofing application in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Surrounding areas because of the materials ability to provide excellent insulation, seamless water proofing, and ability to create positive slope for drainage. In the last 30 years our applicators have applied over 15,000,000 square feet. In the last 15 year our region has seen an increased number of foam and coating roofs installed. Like many other trades the increased demand has resulted sub-standard quality jobs from time to time. In this case the owner bought the 7,000 sq. foot residence with the understanding that the roof had been recently “re-coated” and was under warranty and in great shape. The roof appeared to be in good shape according to the inspector, so the owner did not question the condition.

After a couple of months passed the roof began to leak with normal precipitation. The roofer who did the work explained to the owner the work that was done did not carry a warranty. After many attempts by the original roofer to fix the leaks, the owner contacted Southwest Spray Foam. It was determined that the original roof applied elastomeric roof coating over an existing SPF roof. The roofers lack of prep and inconsistent application of coating lead to many problems. The existing spf roof had trapped moisture in between the layers of foam and many irregular surfaces with sand and other debris in bedded in the original coating. By painting new elastomeric coating over these conditions the contractor only created more problems. This process is beginning to be known as the “Re-coat Rip Off.” The existing spf roof blistered in multiple areas making the roof hazardous to walk on and very fragile.

After inspecting the roof, Southwest Spray Foam recommended that all UV coating and saturated foam be removed, and new 2.8 lb spf foam be installed and gravel be used as UV protection. Southwest Spray foam used a combination of core samples as well as infrared cameras to indicate where the saturated foam was located. Gravel was selected because of its ability to provide sufficient UV protection while also allowing the new foam to breathe and drain affectively. After 5 days of prep and 4 dumpsters of saturated foam was removed, the new roof was sprayed and UV coating was used only on all vertical surfaces and penetrations. The “flat” surfaces had Santa Fe brown crushed gravel applied about 1.5”-2” thick. The owner selected Southwest Spray Foam’s 10 year warranty, as well as a continued maintenance program.